[Tex/LaTex] Enlarge a single page


How may I enlarge a single page in LaTeX?

I need this for the summary of a thesis that has to fit on a single page without respect to an eyecandy design.

In order to move the lower border, I was successful using \enlargethispage{10\baselineskip}, but I'd like to move the upper and right/left margins as well.

Best Answer

You're enlarging the page with 10 lines? That ought to make the text run below the page. Now we're far away from "eye candy design" :-)

In any case, try adding a \vspace*{-10\baseline} command at the top of the page. That adds negative space and moves the starting point up.

To make the margins smaller (or larger), you can use an environment like this:


Adjust the -2 cm above to suit your needs.