[Tex/LaTex] Emoji Characters


I'm trying to display Emoji Characters inside my XeLaTeX Document.
It seems to work for some glyphs like the numbers and pound sign but not for all.
Here is a MWE:


\setmainfont{Apple Color Emoji} % The emoji Font 

\char"0030{}  %Works
\char"1F60D{} % Doesent Work should out put SMILEY FACE WITH HEART SHAPED EYES

What is the reason for this strange behavior and is there a way to include Emojis in XeLaTeX?

selected emjoi

It seems the Character is there. It is selectable but not visible. I can copy&paste it.

Best Answer

Apple's emoji aren't encoded as normal characters do. They are in fact some PNG-like images embedded in some proprietary table in the AppleEmoji font. There is no reason to ever expect support of this Apple(tm) feature in XeLaTeX.

You might try to google if someone has found a way to export the smileys as separate images and import them in your document.

Or you might try an alternative based on other fonts that properly encode the characters as vector glyphs.