[Tex/LaTex] \ell in MinionPro


Is it possible to use the \ell character from the default font when using MinionPro? If so, how?
The documentation actually mentions \ell on page 20; the letter is supposed to be taken from MinionPro, I suspect that \ell is not part of the fonts I took from Acrobat Reader to install MinionPro.
This example


only produces a crossed out box for me.
Maybe with some LaTeX skill it is possible to use something like

\DeclareMathSymbol{\ell} {\mathord}{letters}{’140}

to take the \ell from Computermodern.

Edit: Could someone try to reproduce this problem?

Best Answer

The encoding for \ell has changed in newer versions of the MinionPro font. The encoding in the LaTeX package still points at the old glyph code. To fix this, edit the base-MinionPro-ab.enc file. (In Windows, Search Everything is very helpful for this task.) Simply replace the text afii61289 with uni2113 and your script \ell characters will magically reappear. This works either before or after the LaTeX font is installed.