[Tex/LaTex] Editing LaTeX generated PDF


Is there an application (in Windows, Unix, or Mac) that allows you to edit the LaTeX generated PDF. I know there is pdfsync, but it only gives you the line, and then you have to search where in the line you want to make the change. This is OK sometimes, for a couple of changes, but when there are lots of changes it becomes really tedious.

I would really like to accelerate this process of correcting mistakes (mostly grammar, missing commas etc.). in my document, without going through all the markup.

Best Answer

For a free PDF editor, you could try something like PDFedit. But editing the PDF directly would screw up LaTeX's typography, paragraph layout and full justification, and never works as well as you'd like.

Based on the comments, I think what you really want is inverse search. This is already possible with things like PDF Sync, or the newer replacement, SyncTeX. You just need to use a combination of editor and PDF viewer that supports this.

This is probably easiest if you use a LaTeX editor that has its own built in viewer. This includes TeXworks, Texmaker and TexMakerX. Here's TeXworks in action: enter image description here

For standalone PDF viewers that support SyncTeX inverse searches, there is Skim for mac, SumatraPDF for Windows, Okular for Linux/Unix (evince is supposed to now, too, but no one seems to know how!) These require that editor knows how to interact with them. If you tell us what editor you like, maybe we can give instructions for setting that up.

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