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This is the triangle I want to draw. I have used GeoGebra to draw this, so in LaTeX I do not want to draw these: "=45°",and the points.

I want to draw a triangle (with the package TikZ). I don't know how to draw the line, which links the BC points. I know I have to use these commands: +(a,b), ++(a,b), (a:b|-c,d). Unfortunately I cannot use any of these commands, so please explain, how to use these commands and what do they mean.

Please, introduce the commands in detail. And also, I need the line, which links the points AB. I do not need the points and the "=45°" in my LaTeX document.

Best Answer

I probably do not know tikz more than you (being a MetaPost user), but out of curiosity I've just consulted the quite elegant tutorial at the beginning its documentation (p. 28-93), and I've come to this result:

\documentclass[12pt, border=5mm]{standalone}
\draw (0,0) node[anchor=north]{$A$}
  -- (4,0) node[anchor=north]{$C$}
  -- (4,4) node[anchor=south]{$B$}
  -- cycle;

enter image description here

This tutorial has probably the answers to most of your questions: a must-read.

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