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Good evening everyone.
I'm trying to learn how to deal with drawing packages in Latex but all I found on the web is too complicated for what I need to do. I guess if anyone of you can help me. basically I need to draw 6 vectors and giving names to them and to the angles. I can attach an image of what I need to realize.
Can someone help me with a code which realize this, in order that I can then study it to better understand how things work?

enter image description here

Thanks very much in advance 🙂

Best Answer

as starting point (not reproduce your sketch, but on this basis you can see how to draw yours):

\usetikzlibrary{angles, arrows.meta, quotes}

            > = Straight Barb,
phasor/.style = {very thick,-{Stealth}},
angles/.style = {draw, <->, angle eccentricity=1,
                 right, angle radius=7mm}
% coordinates
    \draw[->] (-0.5,0) -- (4,0) coordinate (x) node[below left] {$\mathit{Re}$};
    \draw[->] (0,-1.5) -- (0,2) node[below left] (y) {$\mathit{Im}$};
% phasors
    \draw[phasor] (0,0) -- (300:1.5) coordinate (i)  node[right] {I};% used polar coordinates
    \draw[phasor] (0,0) -- ( 30:2.5) coordinate (v)  node[right] {V};% used polar coordinates
% angles drawn by pic
\coordinate (X)   at (0,0);
    pic["$\theta=\phi-\SI{90}{\degree}$",angles] {angle=i--X--x}
    pic["$\phi$",angles] {angle=x--X--v}

enter image description here

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