[Tex/LaTex] Draft option in TikZ like graphicx


We know the use of [draft] in graphicx package


Do we have any option like [draft] in tikz? Sothat we need not compile the tikz picture for every run and need not look at the picture…Is it possible to have something like this?


or do i have any other method to do it?

Best Answer

You can use \tikzexternalize which is intended to speed up compile times. It converts each tikzpicture into a separate external graphic which is then imported with \includegraphics. And in [draft] mode graphics that are included from external sources do not get displayed.

Here is an example of enabling \tikzexternalize when in [draft] mode. With \documentclass[draft]{article} the MWE produces:

enter image description here





    \draw[fill=yellow] (0,0) -- (3,0) -- (3,3) -- cycle;
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