[Tex/LaTex] Does LyX support hyperlink and hypertarget commands


Does LyX support \hyperlink and \hypertarget commands, or do I have to access them through ERTs?

Is there any other way to make text links without hyperlink/hypertarget that LyX supports? I want to have a sentence that I can click on to move to another part of the document.

Best Answer

Linking document parts in LyX

In LyX, linking between points or parts inside a document, is done via cross-references. Quoting from The LyX User’s Guide, version 2.0.x, section 6. More Tools, sub-section 6.1. Cross-References:

You can reference every section, float, footnote, formula, and list in the document. To reference a document part, you have to insert a label into it. The label is used as an anchor and a name for the reference.

First, create a label (Insert > Label... ) for the part that is to be referenced. Second, create a cross-reference (Insert > Cross-Reference...) to make a clickable reference which will direct to the labeled part of the document.

One can define the color of the links by using hyperref's options. In Document > Settings > PDF Properties check the Use Hyperref Support and then define the link-color of interest in the Additional options field, i.e. linkcolor=magenta.

Making arbitrary text parts linkable

Currently there is no identical implementation of hyperref's \hyperlink and \hypertarget additional user macros (see also LaTeX/Hyperlinks at wikibooks.org) in form of an inset within LyX. A thread in lyx-devel's mailing list, titled Insets for hypertarget and hyperlinks, discusses the question of interest.