[Tex/LaTex] Do system font (TTF/OTF) forms of the Kepler Project fonts (kpfonts) exist


I have recently fallen in love with the kpfonts package. Whilst it looks great in both body text and TikZ pictures, my current issue is that I cannot create images in external programs containing this typeface and must resort to Pagella or similar (I don't appear to have Palatino).

I imagine that the fonts as defined in the kpfonts LaTeX package have lots of extra metrics information that would be lost in a TTF/OTF file, but do TTF and/or OTF versions of at least kp serif regular exist?

Best Answer

You probably can create the OTF-files yourself. Get fontforge, open the *.pfb and whatever fontforge requires and try file/generate from the menu. Take care that you are allowed to write the new file into the same directory.

I did not try myself, but there is a chance it works.


EDIT: It works in the way described above. Tried with one of the kpfonts.