[Tex/LaTex] displaymath/split environment with three columns

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I am writing the following equation:

  \Leftrightarrow MA &= (MAAM + MACAM)B\\
  \Leftrightarrow (MAAM + MACAM)^{-1}MA &= B

The problem is that I cannot introduce another & to separate the equivalent sign (the \Leftrightarrow) from the line itself; i.e. to create a distance between the sign and the beginning of the formular. I want that the equivalent signs are aligned similar the the equal signs. Is there a way to accomplish this?

I read somewhere that the eqnarray is deprecated? Is this true? Even using an eqnarray is not optimal, because the cells are left aligned.

Best Answer

What you are looking for is the alignat* environment:

&                       &MA                    &= MAAMB + MACAMB\\
&  \Leftrightarrow\quad &MA                    &= (MAAM + MACAM)B\\
&  \Leftrightarrow      &(MAAM + MACAM)^{-1}MA &= B
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