[Tex/LaTex] Display Mode without Math Mode


First I want to apologize if the answer to this question is well known. But after some searching, I couldn't uncover any similar questions.

In my document, I would like to feature a regular sentence (with very little math included) using display mode. For example, I want the following sentence displayed:

\textrm{All }x\textrm{ are }y;\textrm{ all }y\textrm{ are }z;\textrm{ therefore, all }x\textrm{ are }z.

I produced that by using the \begin{equation} command. However, note that using this command, math mode is automatically included so my sentence becomes italicized unless I wrap everything except my variables in \textrm{...}. In this case, I think it would be better if I could do the opposite: "turn off" math mode (so I don't need the \textrm{...}), and wrap only my variables with $$.

Does anybody know of an alternative to \begin{equation} and \begin{align} environments without math mode automatically enabled?

Thanks for your help!

Best Answer

I would use \text like this:



  \text{All $x$ are $y$; all $y$ are $z$; therefore, all $x$ are $z$.}

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