[Tex/LaTex] Display hyphenation options for a specific word


When TeX produces Overfull box, is puts something like this in the log:

Overfull \hbox (15.47195pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 7--9
[]\OT1/cmr/m/n/10 I re-ally re-ally want to get dis-played the op-tions for 
hy-phen-ation xxxxxxxxxxxxxx |

I would like a macro \showhyphens that would for an entry like \showhyphens{hyphenation} display its hyphenation options, i.e. hy-phen-ation. This should be displayed either in the document (preferred) or in the log.

(Background: I need this for sumbitting a paper that contains many multi-part words and similar stuff like $(2,3)$-representation etc. I know that there are ways to modify - with \discretionary to make the word breakable, but it makes the code extremly unreadable and I'm not allowed to make this a macro definition.)

Best Answer

Bing! Your wish has been granted.

Seriously: \showhyphens already exists under that exact same name.

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