[Tex/LaTex] Different page numbering in appendix


How can I use an independent page numbering in the appendix, either with Roman or Arabic numberals as page numbers?

(I.e. the first page of the appendix should start again with 1, as it is often done for the introduction and the main part of a long document, then typically using Roman numerals for the introduction.)

Best Answer

To (re)start the page numbering, you need to use the command \pagenumbering{}. In all LaTeX classes I'm aware of, the argument of this command can be arabic, roman, Roman, alph, or Alph.

To automate the process of having the page numbering restart when the document gets to the Appendix (or Appendices), you could include the following instruction in the preamble (using, for instance, lowercase-roman numerals):

\let\origappendix\appendix % save the existing appendix command