[Tex/LaTex] Difference between a .bib and .bbl file for Latex


I want to use a .bib file in a conference .tex file where they precise that we should use a bibliography generated by BibTeX as a .bbl file:

% argument is your BibTeX string definitions and bibliography    

When I use directly:

\bibliography{refs} %refs is my refs.bib

I get an error.

Must I convert the .bib to a .bbl? If yes, how?

Best Answer

It's actually pretty easy. I'm sure you will enjoy using BibTeX for the rest of your life!

Here explains exactly how you do it: http://www.bibtex.org/Using/

Nevertheless, you can also use the program 'pdflatex' in your LaTeX code, and that's enough!

Editing: you don't actually have to read anything from the generated .bbl file. You only deal with .bib

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