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In follow up to this question:

How can I set a dark theme in TeXstudio?

People here are giving their themes to post in a file ".texsprofile". I searched my whole disk for a file with this extension but I could not find it.

Could anyone tell me where exactly this file is hidden or how to change the theme, because my eyes really hurt after some hours of latex..


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Edit in 2021: Since version 3 there (finally) is a built-in dark mode, see here.

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You can find a step by step explanation on how to set a dark theme for Texstudio http://www.pauljhurtado.com/latex/texstudio.html scroll down to section Dark Color Theme for TeXstudio Editor

Here is a copy/past of the instructions:

Dark Color Theme for TeXstudio Editor

Instructions for installing a pre-configured dark theme for the TeXstudio editor:

  1. Download a dark color theme:
    1. My dark theme: Texstudio-dark-Hurtado.txsprofile
    2. Various examples at http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/108315/how-can-i-set-a-dark-theme-in-texstudio.
    3. My dark theme plus some editor modifications (e.g. supressed underline of grammar mistakes, etc.): Texstudio-darkplus-Hurtado.txsprofile
  2. Open up the color theme in a text editor (I prefer notepad++).
  3. Next come the "not-so-user-friendly" steps, so let me walk you through them!
    1. Go to Options > Save profile... and save a backup of the current profile to something like user-default.txsprofile.
    2. Do this again, but instead save to a file named something like custom-dark1.txsprofile. Note the directory this file is saved it!
    3. Open custom-dark1.txsprofile (or whatever you named it) with a text editor (again, I like notepad++) and scroll to the very bottom which should look like ... [formats] version=1.0

      Note these are the first two lines of the dark theme file you downloaded!

      Copy and paste the contents of the dark them to this section of custom-dark1.txsprofile file and save. The [formats] section of custom-dark1.txsprofile should now read

      ... [formats] version=1.0 data\normal\priority=-1 data\normal\bold=false ...
  4. Go to Options > Load profile... and load the newly edited custom-dark1.txsprofile.
  5. Restart TexStudio and open a file, and you should see the dark themed editor!
  6. Finally, you can further modify your color scheme by going to Options > Configure TeXstudio > Syntax Highlighting