[Tex/LaTex] customizing part style with Tikz


How can I customize part style like below picture?

enter image description here

Best Answer

One possibility using TikZ and titlesec:

\usepackage{fourier}% change to lmodern if fourier is no available



\newcommand\partnumfont{% font specification for the number

\newcommand\partnamefont{% font specification for the name "PART"

  {\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
    (current page.north west) rectangle ([yshift=-13cm]current page.north east);   
      text width=2\paperwidth,
      rounded corners=6cm,
      text depth=18cm,
      inner sep=0pt] at (current page.north east) (parttop)
      anchor=south east,
      inner sep=0pt,
      outer sep=0pt] (partnum) at ([xshift=-20pt]parttop.south) 
      inner sep=0pt] (partname) at ([yshift=2pt]partnum.south)   
  {\partnamefont PART};
      anchor=north east,
      inner xsep=0pt] at ([yshift=-0.5cm]partname.east|-partnum.south) 


\part{Theory and Application of Continuous-Time Signals and Systems}


enter image description here

The commands \partnumfont and \partnamefont are used to control the font attributes for the number and the label "Part". Feel free to make adjustments (fonts, sizes) according to your needs.