[Tex/LaTex] Customize the position of a figure


Hello although this question has been asked several times, I still can't position my figures at the right place. I have installed the float and the here packages. and the code is as follow:

\caption{The Pulse Co-Oxymetrie}
\label{fig: Massimo}

even though there is more than enough space left for the image,a new page is created and the figure goes at the top of this new page,while the caption stays at the bottom meaning I have a lot of blank spaces in my thesis.

Best Answer

I usually put pictures into a raisebox environment. This way, you can adjust the image vertically on the page easily. Without more specifics as to your problem, it is difficult for me to give you a better answer. Maybe this will help anyway!

Here is a basic example +2 cm lowers the image, -2 cm raises the image:


Here is an example inside of a minipage environment:


UPDATE: As Marco Daniel notes in the comments below, you should probably write:

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