[Tex/LaTex] Custom “human” shape for tikz


A question with a large mea culpa. I've tried thinking about how I would add this shape and I've come up completely empty. Not strong enough with Tex to even give it a shot.

I'm trying to put together a visual aid of people numbers in a particular area, so I imagine using something like

\begin{tikzpicture}[every node/.style={human,draw,fill=black}]
\node (sci) {scientist};
\node [right=1mm of sci] (sol) {gurus};
\node [right=1mm of sol] (joe) {workers};

My question is: Is there simple shape that already exists (its not in the shapes library) that does something similar. or is this easily coded as a new shape in which case could some kind soul post it as an example or is there a simple way to combine two existing shapes into a new one (A basic version I'd be happy with would be a long-ish down ward pointing isoceles triangle with a circle on top).

Image of what I'm sort of after below. Thanks

enter image description here

As a worst case I could use lots of \includegraphics commands in nodes but that is likely to be the most manual approach and would prefer something else if a solution exists.

Update: Really tough to pick the answer for this one. I picked the one I went with in a hurry but there is a lot of material there for alternative ways to make this work.

I'd really like to thank all three responders for their help. Now if only I could get a shape definition too … 🙂

Best Answer

Do you really need tikz?

The marvosym package provides the commands \Gentsroom and Ladiesroom :

enter image description here

A good place to look for such common-use symbols is the comprehensive LaTeX symbol list.

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