[Tex/LaTex] Custom abbreviation for citation in bibtex


When writing, I like to introduce an abbreviation for the whole citation. On the first instance, I would write "This is true as shown in (nbren12, et. al. 2012) (hereafter NB12)". In the subsequent usages, I would just say "This fact is true (NB12)". How can I implement this automatically using bibtex (or biblatex)?

This is similar but not identical to this question.

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It is described clearly in the manual of natbib on page 3.

Use command:


After that, in addition to classic citing \citet{} or \citep{}, you can also use:

% or


In example.tex I have:




In text \citet{jd14}. Or in brackets \citep[][hereafter JD14]{jd14}.

Now I cite it in text as \citetalias{jd14} and in brackets \citepalias{jd14}.



and in mybib.bib I have:

  author={Doe, J. and Smith, J. and Bar, F.},
  title={Some title},
  journal={Some journal},

and the output is:

enter image description here

And if you want the alias to appear in e.g. italics, but not page numbers etc. you can write e.g. \defcitealias{jd14}{{\itshape JD14}}.

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