[Tex/LaTex] Count in document used source references


I currently gathering some statistical information about my thesis for reporting purposes. One metric I want to determine is how many sources I have referenced.
I have a BibTeX file with more than 150 sources, but I only use a subset in my thesis. Is there a way to count the used sources (the sources in the source-index, not the \cite commands). I don't use a number based short reference and I don't want to change my citation style.

Is there a count-macro or something else to count referenced sources in LaTeX?

Best Answer

If you have an uptodate TeX Live 2011, the checkcites script from the command line does what you want. If your main file is called myfile.tex, compile it as usual and run bibtex. Then

checkcites myfile.aux

will tell you how many entries you have explicitly called and how many have not been referenced (\nocite{*} will not count them).