[Tex/LaTex] Correctly skipping pages for page numbering


I have a book I'm laying out in pdflatex. The page numbers are on the outer corners of the pages (along with some other header and footer stuff.)

Occasionally, the document has a full-page image inserted like a plate, where that page has no style at all, just the image. The catch is that these pages also shouldn't be counted for page numbers, so that you get

page 54
page with image
page 55

I've got it skipping the page for page numbering purposes, but it doesn't skip the page for determining whether it's a right or left handed page, which means that after an image page the page numbers seem to jump from the outer corners to the inner corners.

The code I'm using is this:

%end of page 54

%insert image

%begin page 55 content

(with the details of inserting the page hand-waved away since each image is a slightly different size and needs unique handling.)

(And the outer margin is close enough to the gutter margin that I can't tell if the margins are correctly flip-flopping as well, but I think they are.)

So, how do I tell TeX to keep the page numbers in the right place after skipping a page?

Best Answer

In a twoside layout even pages are always on the left side and odd pages on the right side. If you insert one unnumbered page this get out of sync. So you must also insert its (unnumbered) back.