[Tex/LaTex] Converting Latex to MsWord .doc or .rtf


I understand, that similar questions were already asked here, and I have tried some of suggested solutions (latex2rtf, converting output pdf to doc with different convertors), but didn't find one that works for me.

What are my circumstances:
I work on Windows 8.1, in TexStudio, using TexLive. I use xelatex, because I need Times New Roman Cyrillic in output pdf. My text are mostly in Russian and English, don't contain equations, but contain illustrations and text fragments in Oldchurchslavonic and Greek. I use biblatex and biber for building bibliography.

Often I need to send documents in .doc format, because many journals in my knowledge area don't accept articles in .tex or .pdf. So LaTeX fits perfectly in my workflow except of the final stage.

I tried to use latex2rtf, but run into some encoding problems. What I did finally was converting pdf to doc with trial verstion of Nitro PDF and then spending about two hours cleaning the file from double spaces, hyphens turned into dashes, unexpected line breaks etc. It was definitely not the best solutoin, but I don't have time to search a different one.

Is there any solution for converting latex to .doc or .rtf that will work under described circumstances OR a pdf to doc converter that produces editable .doc?

Best Answer

Another possibility is to convert LaTeX to HTML (see Convert LaTeX to HTML) and then import the HTML file from Word.