[Tex/LaTex] Converting greek utf letters to latex symbols


I have a collection of notes on my iPad, written using a markdown editor/viewer (trunk notes) that does not understand latex, but does display greek. Is there a simple way to convert the greek letters (e.g. convert the UTF-8 symbol 0xCEB1, α) to their latex equivalents (\alpha)? I am using pandoc for the conversion, which is pasting a LaTeX header onto the output before conversion to TeX or ConTeXt.

Best Answer

In ConTeXt (both MkIV and MkII with utf-8 encoding), Greek letters work out of the box in text and math mode. (You need a text font with Greek letters)

α $α$

With MkIV, Unicode characters behave like ASCII characters, so $\hat α$ is same as $\hat {α}$. In MkII, you need to use the latter form.

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