[Tex/LaTex] Continuous table numbering


I am listing a bunch of pages in an Appendix. If I do the appendix as \appendixpage, after a chapter 1 (for testing), I get all tables numbered 1.1, 1.2, … 1.436. (Yes, I have 436 tables, and it's only warming up.)

How can I place all of the tables in the appendix so that they are numbered A.1, A.2, …, A.436? Alternatively, how do I make sure all of the tables in the whole memoir document are numbered continuously, 1, …, 523 (I have more tables before the Appendix)?

Best Answer

To make tables numbered A.1, A.2 etc. in the appendix, use the \appendix command:




\caption{First table}



\caption{Second table}


For continous table numbering, the answer is very similar to this one. That is, add the following to your preamble: