[Tex/LaTex] Conflict between `booktabs` and `arydshln` packages


Please see the MWE below and its result. I didn't use the arydshln package in the example, but I have to use it somewhere else in the same document. As you see, there is something wrong with the vertical border lines in the table. If I don't use one of the arydshln and booktabs packages, it displays correctly.

Is there any workaround here? I'm looking for one of the following:

  1. A method to prevent the wrong display with both packages used.
  2. An alternative to the nice formatting and \toprule, \midrule, and \bottomrule from the booktabs package.
  3. An alternative to the arydshln package to draw dashed lines in math arrays (vectors, matrices).

Thank you for the help.




\begin{tabular}{ c | r r }
    & 123 & 456 \\
    \multicolumn{3}{l}{blah blah blah }\\
    abc & def & hij \\




After some experiments, I found multicolumn is not a key. When I replaced it by a regular row, it still displays wrong.

Best Answer

You could try the easybmat package, which makes it easy to put dashed lines inside matrices.

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