[Tex/LaTex] Compile and Edit (La)TeX on iPad-pro 2020


As an academic writer using (La)TeX to write documents, there is always a question we had for iPad…

Can the newest generation iPad-pro 2020 run LaTex such as TexShop or other (La)TeX software that you use on MacBook (Pro)? and then produce a PDFTeX?

  1. If yes, please provide how to do it.

  2. If not, what are the other resolutions to use/compile (La)TeX?

What comes into my mind:

I suppose the iPad-pro 2020 may make new differences for us to run (La)TeX on iPad?

(p.s. There was a prior question in 2010 but now we are in 2020, the answer was 10 years ago:
Is there a (La)TeX distribution running on iPad?)

Best Answer

You can use texpad. Is designed for both iOS and macOS:


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