[Tex/LaTex] \columnwidth in cm


I have a silly question – i am using double column style

\documentclass[english,a4paper,12pt, openany]{book}

When I add a figure I usually put in \columnwidth and just let LaTeX to stretch it to the full width. Now, for practical reasons I'd like to prepare some figures with fixed width in 1:1 ratio, but for that I'd like to know what the \columnwidth is in cm.
Is there a way to find that number?


Best Answer

The xprintlen package provides the means to show the length of a dimension register in more 'human' units, such as cm or mm, which is the default:

\printlen[2][mm]{length register}

Will use 2 significant figures (which is the default), mm as unit of the relevant length register.


\foreach \x in {1,...,5} {%


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