[Tex/LaTex] Coding an equation with description


I want to code this equation in LaTeX:


I'd like to know how to code the equation and the description below it with a reference as well.

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Even though your question was thoroughly answered here's my solution, it differs only in not using a table but a list:





\[ P_{xi}=\overline{U_{x}}+\sigma_{x}\frac{\sum^{Nu}_{k}D_{kx}\times 
    \left( \frac{S_{ki}-\overline{U_{k}}}{\sigma_{k}}\right)}{\sum^{Nu}_{k}D_{kx}} \]
    \item $P_{xi}$: is the predicted rate for user $x$ on item $i$
    \item $S_{ki}$: is the rate of song $i$ given by user $k$
    \item $\overline{U_{x}}$: is the average rate of user $x$
    \item $\overline{U_{k}}$: is the average rate of user $k$
    \item $\sigma_{x}$: is the standard deviation of all the rates of user $x$


Which produces the following result: Equation and description

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