[Tex/LaTex] Cite a standard, specification or data sheet from a company/institution but without an author


As an electronic engineer I often cite technical standards, specifications or data sheets. They come usually from a specific company or institution but do not have a specific author. I like to have them in my bibliography using all the required information like title, institution, year, version/revision/edition and type ("whitepaper", "data sheet", "standard" etc.). Unfortunately I failed to come up with a general solution for this. Often I used the misc or manual type but it often does not include all information.

What would be a suitable way to handle such citations? I need to use the IEEEtran class with the vancover (or similar) style for my current journal paper, but I also would welcome a general solution using biblatex (which I use for my thesis).

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With biblatex I use manual:

    organization  = "NXP Semiconductors",
    title         = "High-speed CAN transceiver",
    number        = "TJA1043",
    year          =  2013,
    month         =  4,    
    note          = "Rev. 3"

    organization  = "Infineon Technologies AG",
    title         = "Dual Low Dropout Voltage Regulator",
    number        = "TLE 4473 GV55-2",
    year          =  2008,
    month         =  10,
    note          = "Rev. 1.2"

    organization  = "Freescale Semiconductor",
    title         = "Configurable Octal Serial Switch
                    with Open Load Detect Current Disable",
    year          =  2012,
    month         =  6,
    number        = "MC33879",
    note          = "Rev. 10.0"

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