[Tex/LaTex] Citations with no bibliography at the end


How do you produce a document with citations (\citep, \citet) working properly in the paper but without a bibliography at the end?

I've come up with one solution that is bad because it breaks my makefile.

latex file.tex
bibtex file
# comment out \bibliography{} command
latex file.tex

Similarly, is there a way to produce the bibliography with no accompanying text? Again, I've come up with a solution: fill an otherwise blank .tex file with \nocite{} commands. However, this is a pain because I have to keep two files synced by hand (and regular expressions to search for \citep{author1, author2} can be a huge pain when there are pagebreaks…).

Best Answer

Your second request is easy: use \nocite{*}. This will produce a full bibliography, regardless of which bibliography entries are actually cited.

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