[Tex/LaTex] Changing footnote symbols


I was wondering if there is way to change the symbols of footnotes to any symbol I want. I know there are some packages that put away the numbers and use predefined symbols, but I want to use some arbitrary symbol. Is there a way?

Best Answer

The footnote symbol code is actually very simple:

\def\@fnsymbol#1{\ensuremath{\ifcase#1\or *\or \dagger\or \ddagger\or
   \mathsection\or \mathparagraph\or \|\or **\or \dagger\dagger
   \or \ddagger\ddagger \else\@ctrerr\fi}}

So, if you were to copy that definition and replace \ddagger by \forall, then the third footnote would get an inverted A.

Do not forget to actually change the footnote counter to fnsymbol:

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