[Tex/LaTex] Changing font of the titlepage of tufte-book


I would like to change the font and the style used in the titlepage of tufte-book class.

I don't like the 'all caps' style and would rather have normal text in that page.

By reading the documentation I have found only the commands for changing fonts in other elements, such as captions, but not in the title page. In the attempts I made I was able to modify the style of the title, but other elements (like the author name) stay all caps.

This is the basic code I am using:

\title[Sample title]{%
    Sample \par% 
    Title \par \vspace{1cm}
%   \usebox{\titleimage}}

\author{Author name here}

which produces this page:

enter image description here

Is there anyone who knows how to do it?


Best Answer

To redesign the title page, just redefine the \maketitlepage macro:


Here I've removed the original \allcaps formatting.

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