[Tex/LaTex] Change \ttfamily font for entire document


I'd like to change the teletype (\ttfamily) font that I'm using in my document. (I'm using the scrartcl class.) I've searched on stackexchange and Google, but all I can find are answers to how to change the base font to teletype.

How can I change just the teletype font for my document?

Best Answer

LaTeX remembers the default font family for \ttfamily in macro \ttdefault. The default for \ttdefault in LaTeX (and KOMA-Script) without any other font packages is cmtt and addresses the teletype font of the Computer Modern fonts. Other examples:

  • lmvtt: variable width teletype font of Latin Modern fonts
  • qcr: TeX Gyre Cursor (similar to Courier)

Manually the font family for \ttfamily can be redefined, e.g.:


Often there are font packages that take care of this and some other things. For example, TeX Gyre Cursor can be enabled by package tgcursor:


Users of XeTeX and LuaTeX that support Unicode and OpenType fonts can use package fontspec and its possibilities to define and setup teletype fonts (e.g. \setmonofont).