[Tex/LaTex] Change TOC to use underline in subsubsections

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I am using the package memoir and I need to redefine the fonts in TOC with this rules:

  • For Chapters: all-caps and bold
  • For Sections: bold
  • For SubSections: bold and italic
  • For SubSubSections: bold and underline
  • For SubSubSubSections: nothing to do

I had success to configure sections:




But for chapters, I didn't have success to use \MakeUppercase:


and for subsubsections, I didn't have success to put on underline


So, how I put underline and uppercase?

Best Answer

\MakeUppercase and \underline are not font declarations. One has to work harder to achieve the result you want and that, personally, I don't like at all.


  {\cftchapterfont #1}



%%% Fonts


\chapter{Some title}
\section{Some title}
\subsection{Some title}
\subsubsection{Some title}

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