[Tex/LaTex] change the font of table caption


In my poster doing with baposter, I need to change a font of some figures.

I know that we can use \usepackage[font=small,labelfont=bf]{caption} to cnfigure the font of the caption.

In a specific figure I used this code to put the font to \tiny

      \captionof{figure}{\tiny \textbf{caption}}

I got this result:

enter image description here
I need to get the "Figure 3 " as \tiny? can you help me please? sorry I can not post all my code.

Best Answer

Do not make changes directly in the \caption argument; instead, you can use \captionsetup locally (inside the environment); unfortunately? (seee below) tiny is not one of the predefined font sizes, but you can easily implement it using \DeclareCaptionFont; an example including some of your general settings for caption:




\caption{test caption in \texttt{small} font size}

\caption{test caption in \texttt{tiny} font size}


enter image description here

Of course, you can introduce any other font, style, etc. modifications required in \captionsetup.

As a side note, a caption with such small font would be really hard to read.

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