[Tex/LaTex] Change text color of section title in \sectionpage


I write beamer lecture slides in R Markdown and I want to make a simple style that matches my college's PowerPoint templates, but I am getting caught up on how to change text color in section pages. R Markdown uses Pandoc, which turns all sections above the slide level into section pages (I'll give the code below). So, say I set the slide level at 3, subsubsections will become slides and section and subsection headings will become section and subsection pages. I am making a style file so that I can avoid fidgeting with every file, one-by-one.

Everything I do with \setbeamercolor leaves the section pages with blue text. I am happy to make all text black, or a mix of green and black (I set all other blue items to green), I just don't want any blue text.

How can I make text on section pages green?

Here is a MWE, including the bit that generates section pages. [Now my MWE includes the title page on the second page, too, but I can sort that out later, that doesn't happen in my larger files.]




\author{W.T. Door}






Here and here are my style files. I put the text color changes in the inner file.

theme file:





outer theme:


% green first page, white with logo otherwise
\setbeamertemplate{background canvas}{
        \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay]  
            \node [xshift=-0.15\textwidth, yshift=0.15\textheight] at (current page.south east) 

% green frame title
\setbeamercolor{frametitle}{bg=babsonGreen, fg=white}

inner theme:


\addtobeamertemplate{title page}{\vskip 0.5\textheight}{}

\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}


\setbeamercolor{block title}{fg=babsonGreen}
\setbeamercolor{sectionpage title}{fg=babsonGreen, bg=babsonGreen}

Best Answer

To change the textcolor of the section on the \AtBeginSection-slides, you need to change the color of "part title", so use \setbeamercolor{part title}{fg=babsonGreen}, for example. To find it, I looked in beamerinnerthemedefault.sty, everything you don't specify is specified in the default files.

The relevant definition is:

\defbeamertemplate*{section page}{default}[1][]
    {\usebeamerfont{section name}\usebeamercolor[fg]{section name}\sectionname~\insertsectionnumber}
    \begin{beamercolorbox}[sep=12pt,center,#1]{part title}
      \usebeamerfont{section title}\insertsection\par

Where the beamercolorbox called part title is used.

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