[Tex/LaTex] Change margins on the first of \tableofcontents page only

marginstable of contents

I need to change a page bottom margin, but do that for the first page of ToC only. Sure thing the following does not work as it adjusts all pages of ToC:

  % bottom margin must be bigger

So \changepage should be somehow "injected" into \tableofcontens to detect and apply to the first page only.

I need some special LaTeX magic. Please assist.

Update. \changepage may not be used with \addtocontens, but Stefan's suggestion helped:


I have another problem now (create a separate question?): i'm looking for some general approach, kind of "apply these change to the current page only; limit the scope they affect". Namely: i have to put such frame on the first ToC page, and such one on the rest of ToC pages. (I have frames as PDFs, so i just don't know how to ask LaTeX to place them in required order; tried afterpage and wallpaper packages.)

Best Answer

You can use \addtocontents for this. \enlargethispage is another command you could use. For example:

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