[Tex/LaTex] Change margins on selected pages


I have an document using the article class using the fullpage package. The appendices take up the last 15 pages and contain pdf images using the graphicx package.

I want to change the margins of these pages so that the pdf images can take up as much space as possible; my top margin is rather large for the main body of the text and is not suitable for the appendices.

How can this be achieved?

Best Answer

You could change the margins with the geometry package or simply with a list environment (copy the definition of quote but indent by a negative amount) but it isn't necessary and it's usually best not to change the page size in a way that affects the page head and foot.

If you want all your images to be (say) 3cm wider than \textwidth bleeding 1.5cm into each margin then you can simply use




You don't have to shrink the margins, you can just overlap into the existing margins.

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