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I need to define a new environment that contains a minipage centered on the current page and with text left-justified.

Something like:

   \begin{center} % so the minipage is centered
   \begin{flushleft} % so the minipage's text is left justified

I've been trying for hours without luck so far.

If it was possible to put the minipage inside a centered makebox inside the new environment it would be possible, but there's no makebox environment.




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Best Answer

To allow for a variable-width minipage environment, you need the varwidth package. From the package documentation:

The package deļ¬nes a varwidth environment (based on minipage) which is an analogue of minipage, but whose resulting width is the natural width of its contents.

The minimal example as presented in the package documentation gives a view on what means:

An example of the varwidth environment from the package documentation

So, alter Stefan's answer in the following way:

\usepackage{varwidth}% http://ctan.org/pkg/varwidth
  \begin{center} % so the minipage is centered
  \raggedright % so the minipage's text is left justified

varwidth vs minipage

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