[Tex/LaTex] Caption text and label size to only one figure


Could I change caption text size and label size to only one figure?

I've seen in other questions that:


can be used to change sizes in captions, but that is for the whole document and I would like to do this for only one figure; could this be possible?

Best regards and thank you so much.

Best Answer

Local changes to a specific caption can be done within the figure or table environment, if \captionsetup is used in the relevant environment. See the example of the 2nd figure environment -- the change of settings does not leak outside and has no effect on the third figure caption.

Make sure to remove the optional argument [figure] or [table], otherwise caption complains and does not apply the local changes at all.




\caption{Foo figure}

\caption{Foobar figure}

\caption{other Foo figure}


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