[Tex/LaTex] Can’t use installed fonts


I use Linux and if I go to installed fonts I can see that the 'Adobe Helvetica', for instance, is installed. I also find it if I do fc-list. But I can't use it with XeTeX. If I do \usepackage{fontspec} and \setmainfont{name_of_font} I get Metric(TFM) file or installed font not found. I can use any of the fonts found in /user/share/texmf/fonts/truetype. But I can't use the .afm fonts, neither can I open them with kfontviewer.

Thank you for the replies!

I have realised that I don't have an Adobe .ttf font, but after I run 'xlsfonts' I get a long list of Adobe Helvetica fonts. This font also appears to be installed in my system, as I checked in my System Settings. But I might have the same problem as in this forum:

can't use Helvetica

I have used 'otfinfo' and it works for .otf and .ttf files. But why can't I use it for the fonts displayed with 'xlsfonts', system fonts? There are font replacements, but why couldn't I use Helvetica? Because of copyright?

Ok…So Fontmatrix doesn't see my Adobe fonts, which appeared to be installed, because when I use Kmail to write e-mails I can choose whatever Adobe fonts I like. If I go to System Settings>>Install Fonts, I can see that my Adobe fonts are installed. Then why can't I use them with Tex or LibreOffice (as I said, I have openSUSE 11.4)?

Best Answer

You can always check the name of an installed font with FontMatrix.

It is better if you download the svn version and compile it from the source, as the officially released version is quite old.


Another way to do it would be to give

otfinfo -i /path/to/font


I don't know if this info is going to be helpful.