[Tex/LaTex] Can’t open reference.aux


This is my first time posting here a question and I'm also like a beginner using Latex. Here is my problem:
I can't compile my references, and always give me this mistake:

I couldn't open file name `reference.aux'

Probably I have to install a extra .lib but I don't know which of them.

I'll appreciate a lot if someone could give me some advices…

Best Answer

Let's suppose your references are written in a file called 'ref.bib' with entries like:

    title={How to use latex},
    author={John Smith},
    journal={Journal of Latex},

Now in your main file say 'main.tex' you have to have something like:

\begin {document}




To compile your document do this steps:

  1. compile 'main.tex' using latex or pdflatex => this step will generate main.aux file
  2. compile 'main.aux' (NOT 'ref.bib') using bibtex
  3. compile twice 'main.tex' using latex or pdflatex
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