[Tex/LaTex] Can you have the preview open while writing in TexShop


I'm new to this and I'm trying to write a document in TexShop. I keep needing to check my work as I go but to do this I have to save my code, close the window, reopen TexShop, then use the Open for preview option to view it as a PDF to see what I'm doing. I've seen the option under window called Source <=> Window but when I press it, nothing actually happens. I'm using TexShop on Mac, by the way. There must be a simpler way to preview what I'm writing?

Best Answer

The preview window in TeXShop is created every time you compile your document. You should never really need to use the Open for Preview menu item (in fact, I had no idea it existed or what it did.)

So the typical window layout that most users use is to put their source on one side taking up half of the screen and move the preview window to take up the other half of the screen.

The following key commands are useful to know:

  • Command-T Compiles your document and displays the updated preview
  • Command-B Runs bibtex on your document (or biber if you set that to be the default bibliography program)
  • Command-1 Switches between the source and preview windows (in both directions)
  • Command-click in the source window, this will take you to the same approximate place in the typeset preview; in the preview window it will take you to the approximate place in the source (See What exactly is SyncTeX? for more details on how this works).


You can set the preferences to say how the windows are to be displayed when you re-open TeXShop. The two options are to remember the last position they were in, or to have them all open in fixed positions.


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