[Tex/LaTex] Can we create a subsection of the References Cited section with different reference numbering


I need to add some more publications. I do not want to change the previous reference numbers, so I need to create new citations with difference reference numbering like [p1], [p2], etc. Can LaTeX do that?

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I have recently done this type of thing to add a subset of references, namely those that were self-publications. These were prefixed so that they stood out.

biblatex is the key to the method I used. You can use the keywords= attribute in your bibfile to identify particular entries, then use the keyword to filter the references when you list your bibliographies in the end of the document.

A working example is below. Remember that you need LaTeX -> BibTeX -> LaTeX -> LaTeX to compile.


\usepackage{filecontents} % Used only to create the bibfile
                author  = "George D. Greenwade",
                title   = "The {C}omprehensive {T}ex {A}rchive {N}etwork ({CTAN})",
                year    = "1993",
                journal = "TUGBoat",
                volume  = "14",
                number  = "3",
                pages   = "342--351"
                author    = "Michel Goossens and Frank Mittelbach and Alexander Samarin",
                title     = "The LaTeX Companion",
                year      = "1993",
                publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
                address   = "Reading, Massachusetts"
                author="My Self",
                title="Black Holes and Their Relation to Hiding Eggs",
                journal="Theoretical Easter Physics",
                publisher="Eggs Ltd.",
                note="(to appear)",
% NOTE: Last entry has a _keywords="self"_ attribute.  This keyword is used to 
%       sort out specific entries when the bibliographies are made

% biblatex is used with a few of my preferred options 
% -- style = ieee  gives [1] format
% -- backend = bibtex - can also use 'biber'
% -- sorting = ynt  sorts all entries in each bibliography by Year, Name, then Title
% -- defernumbers = true  required to get the resetnumbers=true option to work down below
\addbibresource{\jobname.bib} % Peculiar to biblatex


This document references \cite{greenwade93}, and my own publication 
(\cite{blackholes}).  And I also used \cite{goossens93}.

% References split out into self publications and regular references
% This makes use of biblatex (still needs a _bibtex_ run to finalize)
\section{Publications and References}
\printbibliography[heading=subbibliography, notkeyword=self, title={References}, resetnumbers=true]
\printbibliography[heading=subbibliography, keyword=self, title={Publications}, resetnumbers=true, prefixnumbers={P}]


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