[Tex/LaTex] Bracket extending on two lines


I need to write something like this in latex:

enter image description here

I can use \Big\{ or \bigg\{, but the problem is that all I write next goes on a single line. I need to embed the bracket into two lines, how to do that in latex?

Best Answer

use mathtools, which is an extended amsmath and also \left...\right:

  C_2 = 
      0.45 \times \dfrac{\sigma^2}{\sigma^2+0.09}
        \times \sin \alpha
    & \text{if $\gamma \geq 0$}
      0.45 \times \dfrac{\sigma^2}{\sigma^2+0.09}
        \times \left(\sin \alpha - \left(\dfrac{2 \beta}{\pi}\right)^3\right)
      & \text{otherwise}

enter image description here

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