[Tex/LaTex] bm package versus \boldsymbol


I'm typing a bold vector small x with a tilde sign above it. Now when I want to write its derivative, I'm putting a dot on top of everything. This is giving me problems and I found one solution:

\overset{\mathrm{\textbf .}}{\boldsymbol{\mathrm{\tilde{x}}}}

after I read this post: How to make a larger "\dot" .
This post has a solution for a similar problem: \overset{\bm .}{a}

To write bold mathematical symbols, such as vectors is \boldsymbol better or do you recommend using the bm package? I have always been using \boldsymbol.

Best Answer

If you take a look at the documentation for bm, it says that if the bold fonts are not allocated, it will use the correct symbol—if it exists—by using \boldmath, but that this is slower. If there is not a bold version of the symbol, it uses poor man's bold.

I think that in most cases, you want to use \bm.

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