[Tex/LaTex] Bluebook support in Latex


I need to write a paper conforming with the blue book standards.

Has there been any move on creating packages that support blue book-style formatting and citations? Or should I get ready to do a bunch of work on my own bibtex and article classes?

If the latter, are there modern alternatives to bibtex? Are there any specific modern approaches to customised article classes?

Best Answer

I don't know of any Bluebook style, and I think I would if it existed. Given the notorious complexities of the Bluebook it would have to be a biblatex project, and it would be quite a project! In the common law world, I know there is a written-and-working-but-unreleased version of the McGill style for Canadian authorities, there's a partially compete Australian style, and there's an English style based on OSCOLA, which is on CTAN. None of them is Bluebook conformant. The one that I think is closest to complete (which is OSCOLA -- but (disclaimer!) I wrote it so I suffer parental bias) might provide a start -- but it would only be a sort of "inspiration" start, rather than a "much of the legwork is done" start: also it's hardly a stable package.

Implementation of a subset of the Bluebook (say books, articles, cases and perhaps the Constitution and USC) wouldn't probably be too much of a struggle. Implementing the whole thing would be a mammoth task. How mammoth would depend on how far you sought to automate things like abbreviations, cite signals, citation order and the like.