[Tex/LaTex] big angle brackets


I know that \langle and \rangle creates left and right angle brackets. But they don't seem to adopt to the size of the expression inside. For example, if I have a big matrix, I would like to angle brackets to be big as well. How can I get this effect?

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The mtpro2 package (MathTime Professional II) provides extra-large (up to 10 cm tall) fence symbols -- round parentheses, square brackets, curly braces, angle brackets, etc. -- via its \LEFTRIGHT command. Note that the full mtpro2 package isn't free of charge; however, its "lite" subset, which is all that's needed to produce extra-large fence symbols, is free of charge.

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update 2020-10-01: The pctex.com site noted in my answer no longer seems provide a functioning link to the page from which the lite subset of the mtpro2 package used to be available for downloading. Many thanks to @mateuszb for bringing this issue to my attention.

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