[Tex/LaTex] Bibtex puts wrong reference name


I'm using the style plainnat with the beamer class. I'm using BibTeX and this happens. I have the following in my .bib

@Article{ TiWuNg07,
    title = "{Performance analysis and improvement for BitTorrent-like file sharing systems}",
    author = "Y. Tian and Di Wu and KW Ng",
    journal = "Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience",
    volume = "19",
    number = "13",
    pages = "1811--1835",
    year = "2007",
    publisher = "John Wiley \& Sons"

And this is what appears as the bibitem:

\bibitem[Tian et~al.(2007)Tian, Wu, and Ng]{TiWuNg07}
Y.~Tian, Di~Wu, and KW~Ng.
\newblock {Performance analysis and improvement for BitTorrent-like file
  sharing systems}.
\newblock \emph{Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience},
  19\penalty0 (13):\penalty0 1811--1835, 2007.

Minimal code for .tex:


\begin{frame}{Tian, Wu, Ng - 2007\cite{TiWuNg07}}

The citation appears as [Tian et~al.(2007)Tian, Wu, and Ng] when it should be [Tian et~al.(2007)]

As you can see, in the citation text, the authors appear again after the year. Why is this happening and how can I solve it without changing it manually? All the other bibitems appear correctly.

Best Answer

What makes you think that the plainnat style will work without the natbib package? ;-)

Add the following to your preamble (the second code line will make natbib compatible with beamer):


and use \citep instead of \cite in the document.

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