[Tex/LaTex] BibTeX proceedings with acmart


I'm using the acmart class and proceedings items in my bibliography look rather odd, e.g.,

[1] IEEE 1997. Proc. 12th Symposium on Logic in Computer Science. IEEE.

I've tried a few variations, without success.

What I'd like is something like:

[X] IEEE. Proc. 12th Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, 1997.

(for X, I don't really care, but I guess it should be sorted as if IEEE
was the author).

Here is a MEWB:



  author = {},
  key = {LICS 1997},
  organization = {IEEE},
  year      = {1997},
  title     = {Proc.\ 12th Symposium on Logic in Computer Science},





Any hints please?

Best Answer

First of all: If you want to publish an article at ACM, you should not do any change on the style but use it as it is or you should at least ask the editor/publisher before doing such changes! Often editors/publishers will not accept such changes and undo them.

With natbib (used by default by acmart) you need to change ACM-Reference-Format.bst. To do so:

  • make a copy of ACM-Reference-Format.bst in your document folder and name it, e.g., Non-ACM-Reference-Format.bst.
  • open Non-ACM-Reference-Format.bst in a text editor and search for FUNCTION { proceedings }.
  • replace the whole function by

    FUNCTION { proceedings }
      editor empty.or.unknown
        { organization output
          organization format.key output }  % gnp - changed from author format.key
        { format.editors output.nonnull }
      % author format.key output             % gnp - removed (should be either
      %                                        editor or organization
      % output.year.check                    % added (newapa); Schweinebacke: removed
      format.btitle format.city "title" output.check        % jtb: added city
      format.bvolume output
      format.number.series output
      editor empty.or.unknown % schweinebacke: added
      { } % schweinebacke: added
      { % schweinebacke: added
        organization output
      }% schweinebacke: added
      if$ % schweinebacke: added
      % jtb: normal order: publisher, address
      publisher empty.or.unknown
         { }
         { "\bibinfo{publisher}{" publisher * "}" * output }
      address empty.or.unknown
         { }
         { "\bibinfo{address}{" address * "}" * output }
      new.block                        % schweinebacke: added
      output.year.check                % schweinebacke: added
  • change


    in your document into

  • do again run bibtex and also pdflatex.

The result would be

enter image description here

Note: In our days often usage of biblatex is recommended, because you can do changes of the bibliography with biblatex without bst hacking. To use biblatex with acmart you have to pass option natbib=false. In this case you could start with standard numeric style and change the formatting of the entries step by step.

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